Our Spirit

Why did I start the brand vervola?

I always longed for clothes in which I feel and look good. Even without the figure of a supermodel. I searched always for the perfect T-Shirt but nothing. "How does the perfect T-Shirt needs to be" I kept asking myself. A Shirt that suits me for Yoga, shopping, at home and so on. I wanted a favourite piece that works on its own. And we succeeded with the Favourite Shirt. In it I feel magical, lively and comfortable. Nothing tweaks, it is casual and chic and in Switzerland it is actually our best seller today. So I guess more women were on the search!

FavouriteOf course I also had a great desire to offer men the same level of comfy clothing. So we ventured into a small men's collection. The result? The men love the pieces. Because each and every one of them sits, is super comfortable against the skin and never gets out of shape. 

vervolaIn the meantime we have designed different shirts and pants. It is important to me our clothing is comfortable, that means for me too, sustainable materials and ethical production. Our clothing simply fits and is suitable for many purposes and can be combined with other outfits. Feel-good clothes for yoga and much more. 

What makes vervola unique?

vervola are feel good outfits for every day and we attach great importance to eco-friendly and ethical production. Our goal is to leave no ecological footprint with the production of our clothes. That's why we only use natural and sustainable materials, such as viscose from Lenzing, and have developed the packaging so that you can reuse it again and again. This is also why the clothing labels are so soft that they don't bother you. It is also why I know the producers as friends as well as business partners. My clothes are not meant to be sacred or a religion; they're just the way life is: real! «Be creative, bring in our ideas, make our customers' wishes come true - for me there is nothing better. And creativity is limitless in Bali." (dress maker) and Erin (his wife)


Organic Colors

“Many years ago, we came from Java with our family to Bali and founded our dye house. The whole family is involved, and we dye everything that is ecologically feasible for us. It is important for us to use only natural and easily degradable dyes. We have customers from all over the world who come to us - and for them we develop exciting and new colour combinations, especially batiks. This is what makes our products so varied and unique.” Sumadi (father) and Andhi (son)


Quality clothing at a reasonable price! 

At the same time in Bali, we want to provide our production family with a good basis for their business. This is dear to my hear. I get contacted quite frequently from low-cost suppliers who want to work with me, but I want to consolidate our honest and solid cooperation and support our Bali family. At the moment we are looking for a suitable building for our small production and are also trying to make the right contacts for sales in Bali. We hope to invest little in advertising and still become known. Because advertising is expensive and the income that would otherwise be used for ads will be invested in meaningful projects. We will keep you up to date!



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