Who is behind vervola

With vervola I create and produce favorite clothes for every day, inspired by yoga

We find a huge range of clothes, including wellbeing clothes, in countless boutiques and shops. Nevertheless, in the past few years I was simply missing my perfect favourite shirt or the super comfy leggings that are suitable for many occasions. That's why I dared to take the step. In May 2019 I traveled to Bali with various designs in my luggage and produced the first vervola collection there with my local supplier. The result was wellbeing clothing for Yoga, every day and countless occasions. 

My journey through life is neither straightforward nor sketched out on the drawing board.

In a newspaper article about my career, a journalist wrote: “The most interesting careers don't go like a ruler. They leave room for surprises and turning points ». I myself don't rate my résumé as particularly interesting or outstanding. It reflects life as it is: multi-faceted, divided into many sections, accompanied by rise and fall, successes and many small adventures. My entry into working life began quite unspectacularly. I completed my training in a small but very fine shop that dealt with porcelain and exclusive accessories. I stayed with the company for two years after graduating.

“Traveling is part of me and who I am  ”

campingOn the Road with the Camper Van

Then everything became too predictable for me. I gave my notice and moved to California, St. Barbara as an au pair. When the end of this adventure became clear, I bought a camper van with a friend. We toured the west and parts of Mexico for several months. I became infected with the "travel bug". It remained a passion from now on, as well as an anchor and a source of strength for me.

Back at home

In 1991 I returned to Bavaria and went back to school. I graduated from high school and then ran a small stonemason with my first husband. We created wonderful funerary monuments that offered comfort to the bereaved. If it was too cold to work, we traveled around the world for several weeks, sometimes months.

  after my studies in 1998

After a few "sedentary" years I packed my belongings again. With a scholarship from the Carl Duisberg Society, I completed my studies in London and gained a foothold in England. In 1997 I came into contact with yoga and meditation for the first time. I encountered both again and again throughout the years. After graduation, I got a job in a global American company, where I studied the e-commerce business in depth. Then everything went up very quickly and steeply. London, Washington DC, Paris ... I said yes to my second husband. Shortly afterwards I was transferred to Germany and our son was born.

"I follow my inner voice" 

I was employed and a mother. That was demanding and enriching at the same time. In 2004 I gave birth to our daughter. Now the time had come for me to take a break.

My family in 2004

My husband changed his career the following year and we settled in Switzerland. After three years of professional abstinence, I started again in an international medical vacuum pump company for five intensive years. But then I felt corporate life needs to end. 

I felt an inner call: I want to understand myself and my fellows better. Accept conflicts and learn to deal with them. Mediation training was my next step. And in retrospect, it is one of the most meaningful and fruitful training courses that I have enjoyed. It has changed my view of interpersonal relationships a lot. Shortly afterwards, the "time" for a yoga teacher training finally came.

At ZenYoga ...from London “I enjoyed” my yoga teacher training in Scotland with Zen Master Julian Daizan Skinner. We slept and lived quite rudimentary. At the same time, this experience with Daizan was very rich and a huge gain for my thinking and feeling. 

One last time I returned to a full-time job and worked at the university of Lucerne. But after a couple of years I felt: it's not for me in the long run. The call to go back to self-employment grew louder and louder. But I didn't want to jump into the deep end without a safety net. I looked for a part-time job in an SME and at the same time set up a clothing label with a friend. I felt: this is the right direction. 

But our points of view and values ​​diverged too far. After a while we decided: it is better if everyone goes their own way. Mine led me to where I am today. To vervola. With my brand I carry what is inside of me to the outside world. And fulfill the desire for ethical, wellbeing clothing that makes you look good in every situation.

2020 ...

was a special year for me in many ways. ½ century Susanne. Our son turned 18 and is therefore “officially” an adult. The dream of my independence has come true. vervola got off to a flying start with the Yoga Boutique in the Swiss market and is growing and thriving. I look forward to everything that life gives me.<

Susanne mit Enzo

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