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They are favorite pieces for every day and we attach great importance to sensible production. Preferably, we would like to leave no ecological footprint with our clothes. All vervola clothes are designed in Switzerland and manufactured fairly and ethically in our family tailor shop in Bali. Every garment should become a favorite piece and be yoga and everyday wearable. Our fabrics are of sustainable as well as durable quality, organic origin and certified.

Yoga clothes as unique as you

I - Susanne - always longed for clothes in which I look good. Even without the figure of a supermodel. I always searched for the perfect T-shirt, to no avail. "What must the perfect T-shirt be like?", I asked myself. What must the shirt be like that always looks good with jeans, with a skirt, for jogging and at home? I wanted a favorite piece that would work on its own. And we succeeded with the

Handmade by happy people in Bali

  • vervola Rosalind shirt and orlo leggings during a yoga session at the pool


    Best yoga clothes I have worn so far! The clothes from vervola are the best yoga clothes I have worn so far. Comfortable and cool, allowing for an uninhibited flow in my practice. You'll also find me wearing them in everyday life, whether it's drinking coffee with friends, going to work or meetings, and working out at the gym.Celine is co-owner of
  • Orlo Leggings and Square Top worn by Yoga Morena


    With ease, style and comfort vervola beautifies my every day. As a yoga teacher, I have been looking for a long time. Practical and also suitable for everyday life. That's why I proudly represent and sell vervola.
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  • Tye Dye Yoga Outfit from vervola with YogiCha


    As an Ashtanga practitioner living in the tropics, the big test of new yoga clothing is to see if it stays in place during a practice. Ashtanga is a tough physical activity and in this climate you need the best quality clothing. I have the most wonderful feeling practicing in vervola and recommend it to everyone! In addition, as a yoga teacher, I love walking around in these clothes all the time because they work on and off the mat. Beautiful clothes, great quality and you feel great.
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